Crystal Light Salt Bluetooth Speaker, Natural Healing Therapy, Adjustable Brightness, Large Light Salt with Bluetooth Speaker, Perfect for Home Decor



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Upgraded bluetooth: Just press power button and bluetooth button to connect to your bluetooth device, phone, tablet, etc. Enjoy listening to audio, music and audio books .. In your Bluetooth device when the Himalayan salt lamp is on. Adjustable brightness: Press and hold the power button to freely adjust the brightness without restriction. Easy to use. Completely silent, no tripping with hard to reach buttons. Negative Ion Release / Purified Air: Contains various minerals and trace elements necessary for cells, which can stably release negative ions, adsorb dust and particles in the air, and improve the air. Home Decor: Bluetooth salt light is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, walkways, etc. As long as you want a cool and relaxing space, it can also be used as long-lasting low-light lighting and music for entertainment. Desktop and computer users: For people who have been using the computer for a long time, it is recommended to use salt lamps in the corner of the office, because

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