Auraglow – USB Himalayan Salt Lamp



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Summary Many believe that rock salt can provide significant health benefits such as: Generating negative ions, absorbing excessive moisture and extracting volatile compounds from the air. Whether this is true or not, this lamp can provide you with real positive benefits. Firstly, this beautiful lamp with its minimalist design and eye-catching crystals will fit with any d├ęcor. The genuine, hand carved Himalayan rock salt This is especially important because most salt lamps are extremely dated and looks out of place in most modern homes. The warm glow of the lamp can produce a calming effect and can be dimmed to your preferred brightness, which would be ideal for a bedside light. It also features a colour changing mode that cycles through the spectrum of colours. You can also tap the button to keep it on a solid colour. Different colours are scientifically proven to affect mood and emotion, with yellow promoting joy or red creating a sense of alertness for instance. It’s incredibly easy

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